There’s no place like home. We understand this and our skilled teams are able to tailor each project to the expectations of the client. 

Nicsons Concrete remains one of the leading brands in residential concrete projects, having completed tens of thousands of architect-designed homes.

We specialise in waffle pod, conventional and suspended house slabs and have delivered projects for many of Sydney’s most iconic builders. 


Our comprehensive range of residential concreting services includes:

  • Detailed excavation and preparation of site.
    See excavation for further information. 

  • Installation of concrete footings and pier systems.

  • Screw pier installation and certification
    See screw piers for further information.

  • Preparation of all necessary formwork including detailed structures such as suspended slabs, drop edge beams, wet areas etc. 

  • Steel fixing and preparation of structural reinforcement according to engineer specifications.

  • Supply and placement of concrete with meticulous finishing, which Nicsons Concrete has come to be known for.

  • Supply and complete installation of Dincel wall systems.

  • Construction of supporting concrete structures e.g. concrete retaining walls, block fill retaining walls, staircases etc.